Most popular and successful fashion blogger in the country

Most popular and successful fashion blogger in the country
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Fashion blogging is amazingly prominent everywhere throughout the world. So prevalent that fashion bloggers with at least 2k devotees on Instagram get paid for even a solitary post on their websites.

Despite the fact that blogging isn’t viewed as an imperative showcasing stage in Bangladesh yet, numerous new fashion bloggers are surfacing each day. Bangladeshi fashion bloggers can give remote fashion bloggers a keep running for their cash.


The reason you inquire? All things considered, Bangladeshi fashion bloggers not just take tasteful jazzy photographs of their day by day #ootd (outfit of the day) yet in addition make other phenomenal substance, for example, YouTube lookbooks, gifs, stop movements and the sky is the limit from there. To be exact, they are very flexible with regards to showing fashion content.


Furthermore, they stay up with the latest on styles drifting around the world and in Bangladesh. On the off chance that you haven’t been following any ‘deshi’ bloggers yet, here’s a rundown of the best 5 fashion bloggers in Bangladesh at present:

Just Designs

A man who knows the distinction amongst cravats and ascots, indeed, this fashion blogger knows the most obscure of design manages and keeps them. This is precisely why he functions as a form giver for both Daily Star Lifestyle and Ice Today Magazine. In the event that you checkout his blog, you will see he likes to keep his ID covered up. Whenever asked, he said that simply like Sia, he inclines toward the emphasis to be on his substance alone. Despite the fact that he doesn’t take after a specific subject on Instagram, he presents the most useful and definite substance, beginning from stop movement look books on YouTube to ‘outfit of the day’ gifs. Besides, he is the primary blogger to display the most stylish Vlogs on his Instagram story. Brands like Zurhem, Muze and Made in Bangladesh have worked together with him for his flawless style explanation and inventive substance. On the off chance that refinement is your style, this is the blogger you ought to take after.

Instagram: @just.designs  Facebook: Just Designs

Velvet Veins

This is a fashion blogger who has a first class editing abilities. She makes the best YouTube content and if you look at her Instagram, you’ll see she takes after a high contrast topic that is satisfying to the eyes. She leans towards posting more level lays than pictures and discusses her most loved items, patterns and pulls. You can take in a considerable measure from her beginning from how to take level lay pictures to where you can purchase scented candles from. Brands like Apex, Noir, Urban Truth and Skin Cafe have worked together with her for the quality substance that she never neglects to introduce.

Instagram handle: @velvet_veins  Youtube: Velvet Veins


An unassuming fashion blogger, who instructs everybody that you can be unobtrusive and jazzy in the meantime; she outlines and makes her own outfits that look as much as brand garments. She is additionally the nation supervisor for GAYA magazine (Singapore) who unmistakably believes her fashion knowledge. She was likewise highlighted on the front of the March 2017 version of the Gaya Magazine. In addition to the fact that she is ending up progressively mainstream in Bangladesh and abroad. She has strolled the slope for design appears in Dhaka and been welcome to go to the Kuala Lumpur unobtrusive fashion week 2016 to speak to Bangladesh. As should be obvious, she has figured out how to accomplish a considerable measure inside the traverse of a year. Brands like Plaire, Sciccoso and Noir didn’t miss the chance to work with Abayaholic. She has additionally worked with Japanese planner Ryoko Katayama, as of late. In the event that you are scanning for unobtrusive style thoughts or even only thoughts for outfits that emerge, this is the blogger you ought to take after.

Instagram: @abayaholic Facebook: Abayaholic


A fashion blogger who concentrates on road style and young fashion patterns; from making tore pants a thing in Bangladesh to experimenting with intense combinations, this blogger knows how to test. His Instagram nourish is the most tasteful of all as he takes after an insignificant subject. Figure that is the place his blog name originated from. He has worked with ICE Today magazine, and he too makes lookbooks and recordings highlighting brands like Apex. Different brands like Sartorial, Gentlemen’s Wardrobe, Noir and 90’s Crew have additionally worked together with him for his extraordinary style proclamation. In the event that you like insignificant however intense road style patterns, at that point you know who to take after at this point.

Instagram: @minimalmudassir Facebook: Minimalmudassir


Another humble fashion blogger who concentrates on a laid-back yet a restless style; her Instagram nourish emits retro vibes that is quieting on the eyes. What’s more, her photographs influence commonplace foundations to look exceptional. She used to be a fashion essayist for Aquila Style magazine (Singapore) and functioned as the head of worldwide improvement for Islamic Fashion and Design Council. She went to the Indonesia Fashion week 2015, where she talked on a board about unobtrusive fashion around the world, and the Muslim Fashion Festival at Jakarta 2016. She has likewise been welcome to the London Modest Fashion Week 2017. She utilized her remarkable singularity to dispatch her own particular slide-in-loafers ‘Aydha’ in a joint effort with Lá Mode. Also, she has teamed up with remote brands and fashioners, for example, Huw Roman Inc (a Japan-based dress brand) and Lidia May (an NYC based pack originator). On the off chance that you are searching for style motivations that are unmistakable and unique, this is the blogger you should look at.

Instagram: @aydhamehnaz  Facebook: Manazification

Blogging may appear to be simple when seen through a watcher’s eyes, however, a great deal of work goes into a solitary shot. Taking the ideal photograph requires an innovative creative ability and legitimate bearing. Recording and altering recordings take a great deal of time. Composing articles requires incredible research and commitment. They are the same than corporate substance makers and advertisers. Henceforth, these design bloggers merit break even with credit for their work and exertion. Kindly do demonstrate some adoration and support to these persevering, regularly enhancing, fashion skilled bloggers.

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